Looking to customize your vehicle?

We offer several different customization packages for our customers. Whether you are creating an off-road beast, or looking to dress to impress, MOPAR Customs by Luther has the custom packages that take vehicles to the next level for any situation.

The Basics

If you’re are looking to upgrade your vehicle to a new style without being too flashy, The Basics is the package for you. The Basics package consists of a 2” lift-kit, rims, tires, running boards and lights. We will equip your vehicle with a 2” lift, FOX Racing Shox and a front 1310 Double Cardin Driveshaft. Springs and hardware are included during installation. For rims and tires, customers have the options of selecting between four 18” rim and tire combinations. However, these combinations are seasonal and subject to change throughout the year. Lastly, customers are given the option of choosing from three different running boards and will select a light system.
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The Beast

The Beast package starts by building off certain elements of The Basics, but provides the customer with more options during customization. Included in The Beast is a 4” lift-kit, rims, tires, fenders, flares, running boards and lights. The 4” lift is built from a JKS Custom suspension kit with Fox Reservoir shocks and steering stabilizer. Selecting rims and tires is a similar process to The Basics package where customers will choose between four 18” wheel and tire combinations. Again, these combinations are seasonal and subject to change throughout the year. Next, pick from different fender and flare designs ranging from rugged to slimline. Choosing from a rugged or slimline design allows you to present your vehicle in the exact sense of style you’re envisioning. Finally, to pull it all together customers will select from three different running board options and a three-light system.
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